If this seafood tasted any fresher, you'd be swimming.
Fish. Want the FishTM

Of course you do! Not only is it more delicious than any other meat, it's also better for the environment. We sustainably-source our seafood so we can serve it proudly and so you can enjoy eating it proudly too. Wild-caught Alaska Pollock. From Alaska waters!

Cod and Salmon from the icy waters of the North Pacific! Clams from coastal Atlantic waters! And it all goes from the boats to our restaurants to your sea-loving smile. Do we do it all sustainably while supporting the fishermen and their families? Fish Yeah we do!

Discover Our

Seafood Meals


​​Oh my cod. Where to begin? It’s the fish that launched a thousand ships. We source ours from the icy waters of the North Pacific. Enjoy it fried in our Classic Batter and served on a bed of crumblies or a delicious sandwich.


​​Don’t call these shrimp“shrimpy”. They’re plump, sustainably sourced morsels from the Sea straight to your plate. Try them fried in our Classic Batter, or grilled in a variety dishes.

Alaska Pollock

We love Alaska. The fishing’s great. The people are great. And the pollock is perfect. It is the most popular fish on our menu! Enjoy yours fried in our classic batter and served in tacos or sandwiches or on a plate of our world famous crumblies!


​​Get your salm-on! We did. From the cold North Pacific waters. Try it grilled in our amazing tacos, rice bowls, and meals!


CLAAAAAAAAAMS! Our hand-shucked surf clams are sourced from coastal Atlantic waters. So sweet. So crunchy! So deliciously fried and ready to be dipped in all the sauces!