Brand Philosophy

Our Values

We treat every moment as an opportunity to celebrate the food we love the most from the place we love most – the sea. We have always believed that our unique seafood experience should be accessible to all. But our love of the sea goes so much deeper. We work to serve our oceans as faithfully as we serve our customers because we believe whenever you can make waves, you have to.

The Lore & Lure of Long John Silver's

Provide Bell-Ringing Service

Our guests are treated to an unforgettable experience in addition to a delicious meal. We’re angling to give you that warm and crumblies feeling, moments of sea-prise and delight, and ring-the-bell service every single voyage.

The Only Responsible Pirate on the Sea

Our Story Timeline


The first Long John Silver’s restaurant opened in Lexington, KY. World changed forever.


Long John Silver’s grew to fleet of 1,000+ restaurants.


Long John Silver’s became a national brand, expanding from sea to delicious sea.

Caught in cold water, fried in cozy, hot oil

Real seafood should be sourced from real sea-places, like, you know, oceans. So that's exactly where we source ours from.

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