Seas 'n Greetings from Long John Silver's

Long John Silver's new grilled menu with shrimp or salmon tacos, rice bowls, and meals.

Summer 'tis the Season for Seafood and We're Wishing All a Merry Fishmas!

LOUISVILLE, Ky., June 26, 2019 - Long John Silver's is out to change the way you think about seafood. From new grilled fish tacos to Fish Yeah! Record's latest album drop, the mood for seafood is becoming a full season you can celebrate—Fishmas!—at Long John Silver's.

"Summertime brings back memories filled with family meals, often featuring seafood, at the beach, in backyards, and around dining room tables. This nostalgic time needed to be celebrated with a holiday of its own," said Stephanie Mattingly, Long John Silver's Chief Marketing Officer. "Fishmas is our way of celebrating seafood and we hope our guests will celebrate with us!"

Summer means sun, sand, and, of course, seafood. Every holiday has its foods you feast on – Long John Silver's has that covered. The new grilled salmon and grilled shrimp tacos, rice bowls, and meals are the Fishmas spread you've been dreaming of. Each of the new dishes delivers bold flavors — Baja, Sweet Chili, or Southwest — adding a fresh approach to grilled seafood classics, and brand new options beyond the classic fried favorites. So celebrate the summer holiday season by letting Long John Silver's work the grill; elevating your Tuesdays with two for $4 Tacos and the rest of your week with a $4.99 Grilled Taco Combo.

Of course, you'll also need music to set the mood. Fish Yeah! Records has dropped its very own Fishmas album with everyone's soon-to-be-favorite seasonal tunes. From "Jingle Shells" to "Shark! Harold the Angler Sings," these tunes are sure to be instant hits and will likely be linked to seafood lover's 2019 summer memories.

"We set out to bring a new sound to seasonal favorites," said Mattingly. "The traditional tunes you've grown up with have been revamped with seaworthy lyrics and beats from unsuspecting artists that you're sure to find equally surprising and catchy."

To keep up with all the action, follow Long John Silver's on Twitter (@longjohnslvrs) for brand updates and fintastic Fishmas news.

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