Long John Silver's Proudly Uses 100% Pure Canola Oil

Fish and shrimp platter.

February 14, 2018

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Long John Silver’s, the nation’s largest quick service seafood restaurant company, today issued the following statement to reassure customers that all its restaurants use only 100% pure canola oil to cook its wild caught fish, fries, hushpuppies and shrimp.

The statement may be attributed to James O’Reilly, Chief Executive Officer of Long John Silver’s.

We want to reassure our Catholic customers that we respect your faith and the eating choices you make during Lent. Long John Silver’s uses only 100 percent pure canola oil in all U.S. restaurants because we care about your faithful choices. Rest assured, Long John Silver’s wild caught Alaskan fish, shrimp, fries and hushpuppies are Lent appropriate.

Recent media coverage (http://www.businessinsider.com/lent-fast-food-2018-2) has revealed that some restaurant chains do not comply with Catholic Lenten customs by using beef-derived cooking oil.

This year Ash Wednesday, the company’s busiest day, falls on February 14. Long John Silver’s is showing customers a little extra love with a tongue-in-cheek promotion on February 15, the day after Valentine’s Day. The #PlentyFish campaign celebrates single hearts who survived the couple-centric holiday by offering a deep fried Twinkie™ to anyone who says they are #GoingFishing.

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About Long John Silver’s: Long John Silver’s is a classic American brand founded in 1969, and stands today as the nation’s largest quick-service seafood chain with nearly 1,000 franchised restaurants nation-wide. Long John Silver’s is famous for its pure, wild-caught Alaskan whitefish hand-dipped in their signature batter and lightly fried to golden perfection. Learn more at www.ljsilvers.com or join the conversation via social media on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.