Under 600 Calories

baked cod

Baked Cod Meal

Baked Cod with Sweet & Zesty Asian Sauce, Seasoned Rice, Green Beans, Corn and 2 Hushpuppies

dippin fish

Dippin' Fish Strips Basket

5 Dippin' Fish Strips with Green Beans

ciabatta jack fish sandwich

Ciabatta Jack Fish Sandwich

Ciabatta Jack Fish Sandwich with Zesty Tartar Sauce and Green Beans

chicken kid's meal

Chicken Kid's Meal

Chicken, Natural-cut Fries and Hushpuppy


Dippin' Fish Strips Kid's Meal

3 Dippin' Fish Strips, Green Beans, and Hushpuppy


6 Shrimp Basket

6 Shrimp, Green Beans, and 2 Hushpuppies


2 Chicken Basket

2 Chicken, Green Beans, and Hushpuppy

popcorn shrimp kid's meal

Popcorn Shrimp Kid's Meal

Popcorn Shrimp, Green Beans, and Hushpuppy

dippin' fish strips

Dippin' Fish Strips

5 Dippin' Fish Strips with Tartar Sauce

two crab cake basket

2 Crab Cake Basket

2 Crab Cakes, Green Beans, and 2 Hushpuppies

*The above meals do not include the calorie content of Crumblies or any sauces which may be added by the customer.