At Long John Silver’s, keeping our planet healthy is just as important as making our customers happy. It’s our responsibility to make sure there are plenty of “fish in the sea” for our children and their children. That way, you can enjoy the great taste and benefits of seafood – without putting stress on our ecosystem.

Long before sustainability became the industry buzzword, Long John Silver’s was creating strategic partnerships with those who shared the vision of fishing smarter with less environmental impact. We partner with companies like Trident and American Seafoods Group, who, to this day, uphold and share our commitment.

We’ve always kept an eye on what’s happening in our supply chain. For example in 1989, due to overfishing of Pacific and Alaska Cod, Long John Silver’s was among the first to switch to the more plentiful, but equally tasty, Alaska Pollock. Additionally, our company has consistently championed the 1998 American Fisheries Act that created specific annual quotas for commercial fishing. In particular, our partnership with Alaskan seafood fishing operations supports their statewide commitment to strict guidelines that prevent over-fishing. This means bigger, healthier fish and a consistent population in our oceans.

Our fishing partners consistently score the highest in the industry for sustainable fishing practices. Long John Silver’s has also invested to create and fine-tune our harvesting efficiency, which helps derive up to twice as much usability from every fish caught. In fact, we’re able to retain and produce products such as oils from 99.5 percent of all the fish we catch.

When we say we care for the ocean, we mean the whole ocean. Our fishing partners recently closed off 58,000 nautical square miles to limit impact on the sea lion population. And we continue to study ways to shorten routes and lessen our already small carbon footprint. Especially when compared to the beef, pork and poultry industries, we score high marks for low impact.

Our sustainability mission at Long John Silver’s is the same as it’s always been: Giving our guests great taste they can feel good about.



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