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More than 20 million pieces of fish expected be sold in 40 days of Lent

LOUISVILLE, Ky. - Feb. 3, 2016

Ash Wednesday (Feb. 10) marks the beginning of Lent for more than 66 million Catholics in the U.S. For Long John Silver’s (LJS), the country’s largest quick-service seafood restaurant chain, it kicks off the company’s busiest-selling season, historically featuring a 75 percent increase in sales on the first day of Lent alone. The company has prepared with aggressive training in more than 1,100 units across the country. In addition, Long John Silver’s is offering a seasonal promotion on a $5.99 Cod meal and a sweepstakes with three grand prize cruises.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. -Jan. 20, 2016

Long John Silver’s, the world’s largest quick service seafood company, has named David Roemer, Director of Franchise Operations. Roemer’s responsibilities include ensuring franchisees comply with brand standards and support all brand operations initiatives. He joined the company this winter and reports to Vice President of Operations, Toni Bianco.


Christmas comes in February for seafood restaurant chain Long John Silver’s, which is launching a reboot of the iconic brand in 2016.

Pittsburgh is front and center for the new Long John Silver’s because of the region’s large Catholic population, the third largest nationwide, according to CEO James O’Reilly.

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LOUISVILLE, Ky., Jan. 26, 2016

Long John Silver’s once had over 55 franchised restaurants in Pittsburgh.

But after many of them closed, the Louisville-based corporation bought back the remaining franchises and made a key decision, announced on Thursday by CEO James O’Reilly.

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LOUISVILLE, Ky., Oct. 7, 2015

For the 10th year, Long John Silver’s is raising funds for Children’s Miracle Network. Customers make a donation with purchase at participating Long John Silver’s nationwide during the month of October.