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Exclusive: Long John Silver’s switches up Lent strategy, operations

INTERNATIONAL - Jan. 29, 2016

Like other seafood restaurants, Long John Silver’s is using Lent (which runs 10 February through 24 March) to springboard marketing efforts that will sustain the brand throughout the year.

This year, the 1,100-restaurant chain is featuring a major “Fish You Were Here” sweepstakes, along with its Hand-battered cod entrée with hush puppies and another side for USD 5.99 (EUR 5.47).

Long John Silver's offers Alaskan Cod meal and other promotions for Lent

FORT SMITH, TX. - Feb. 8, 2016

Long John Silver’s is gearing up for the season of Lent with a new Alaskan Cod Meal and other promotions for those observing the season.

Christmas only comes once a year, however for certain businesses Christmas does not always come in December. For fast food giant Long John Silver’s Christmas comes in February and lasts for 40 days and 40 nights. This is the season of Lent, where observant Catholics eschew meat on Fridays and eat fish instead. While this is the minimal requirements for Lent some Catholics do give up meat during the entire season of Lent. Either way, this is the time when seafood sales are at their highest and for restaurants like Long John Silver’s this is there most profitable time of the year.

Long John Silver’s to promote Alaska cod during lent


Long John Silver's is focusing on promoting Alaskan cod products during Lent, the seafood chain's busiest season.

"Lent is, for us, the biggest selling season of the's like the Macy's Thanksgiving parade, there's a lot of preparation work that goes into making sure that [it] goes well for us," said Marilyn Nicholson, vice president of media and promotions at Long John Silver's.

Lent Means Big Sales for Long John Silver’s

More than 20 million pieces of fish expected be sold in 40 days of Lent

LOUISVILLE, Ky. - Feb. 3, 2016

Ash Wednesday (Feb. 10) marks the beginning of Lent for more than 66 million Catholics in the U.S. For Long John Silver’s (LJS), the country’s largest quick-service seafood restaurant chain, it kicks off the company’s busiest-selling season, historically featuring a 75 percent increase in sales on the first day of Lent alone. The company has prepared with aggressive training in more than 1,100 units across the country. In addition, Long John Silver’s is offering a seasonal promotion on a $5.99 Cod meal and a sweepstakes with three grand prize cruises.

How Long John Silver's is raising its profile

LOUISVILLE - Feb. 3, 2016

There's a media blitz in the works for Louisville-based seafood chain Long John Silver's Inc.

CEO James O'Reilly has been making the rounds with local and national media. National television commercials will roll out soon, and franchisees are being provided with tools to help them market locally.

How Long John Silver’s prepares for its busiest season

LOUISVILLE, KY - Feb. 2, 2016

For Long John Silver’s, the Lenten season is longer than 40 days.

The Louisville-based fast-food seafood chain started preparing nine months ago for the beginning of its busiest season. Long John Silver’s executives have hosted regional meetings, set up special online training for employees, and created television and newspaper advertisements, as well as a social media plan ahead of next Wednesday, said company CEO James O’Reilly.

Long John Silver’s gears up for Lent

NATIONAL Feb 2, 2016

The Super Bowl is on Sunday. But for Long John Silver’s, the big day comes three days later, on Ash Wednesday.

That’s when many of the nation’s 69.5 million Catholics give up meat and eat lots of seafood. Sales typically increase 75 percent at the Louisville-based chain on Ash Wednesday.

Roemer Named Long John Silver’s Franchise Operations Leader

LOUISVILLE, Ky. -Jan. 20, 2016

Long John Silver’s, the world’s largest quick service seafood company, has named David Roemer, Director of Franchise Operations. Roemer’s responsibilities include ensuring franchisees comply with brand standards and support all brand operations initiatives. He joined the company this winter and reports to Vice President of Operations, Toni Bianco.