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Long John Silver’s Puts New Bigger Shrimp Front and Center for Lent

Thick Cut Cod Returns as Lenten Season Staple

LOUISVILLE, KY -- (February 11, 2013) ---

As part of its new menu roll-out which began earlier this year, Long John Silver’s (LJS) is introducing a new and bigger shrimp product as a non-meat alternative for the Lenten Season.

The LJS New and Bigger Shrimp is 50% bigger than the butterfly shrimp previously served and is now available in all participating restaurants. The New Bigger Shrimp, pre-battered and cooked, weighs in at 31to 35 pieces per lb., while the smaller butterfly shrimp weighed in at 48 to 55 pieces per lb.

“Our customers have responded very favorably to the New Bigger Shrimp,” said LJS Chief Marketing Officer Charles St. Clair. “Everyone promotes fish sandwiches during lent and while we know everyone enjoys a good fish sandwich, we are learning that our customers also are looking for more seafood variety. Great seafood at a great price doesn’t have to come on a bun.”

Responses to in-store surveys about LJS’s new menu have been very positive, particularly with regard to the new shrimp. “The (new shrimp) is juicier,” commented one customer. “It tastes more like you’re in a 5-star restaurant.

According to St. Clair, LJS also has brought back its highly popular Thick Cut Cod for Lent. “Thick Cut Cod was last year’s clear Lenten favorite so this year we have expanded the offerings,” he said. Customers can get the Thick Cut Cod in classic batter dipped or as a baked meal with their choice of LJS’s new Creamy Garlic Butter or Sweet & Zesty Asian Sauce.”

Just last month, LJS rolled out its first new menu in nearly a decade. Along with the New Bigger Shrimp and the Thick Cut Cod variations, the new menu enhancements include a selection of new non-fried entrees, a wider variety of side dishes, including improved hush puppies, and a tangier tartar sauce and zestier cocktail sauce. Overall, the new menu is designed to give customers more flexibility in terms of customizing and balancing their meal choices.

About Long John Silver’s
Long John Silver’s was founded in Lexington, KY in 1969 and moved its international headquarters to Louisville in 2003. Long John Silver’s provides franchise services, food innovation and marketing support to more than 1,300 Long John Silver’s restaurants located throughout the United States and in Asia. With more than 8,400 employees worldwide, Long John Silver’s is America’s largest quick serve seafood chain.

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