Hanging by the door of every single Long John Silver’s is our iconic “Captain’s Bell.” It’s your chance to let us know that your meal was everything you wanted it to be. It’s a ringing “thank you” to the people who worked hard to bring you a positive experience. And it’s a reminder to all of us why we turn the sign to “OPEN” at over 1,200 locations every day.

Because for as long as we’ve been welcoming guests into our restaurants, Long John Silver’s has strived to be more than just a place to “pick up some seafood.” We want to become part of our customers’ lives, families and communities. Why Long John Silver’s? Because we make the benefits of great-tasting seafood available to everyone…

…at a time when you need your food dollar to work harder.

…at a time when great-tasting, affordable seafood is harder to find.

…at a time when the environmental impact of animal farming and food production is becoming a concern.

It’s good to know you can get quality fish, chicken, shrimp and more – prepared by the people who put seafood on the map.

We’re always looking for new and exciting reasons for our guests to come enjoy seafood with us. Whether that’s coming up with fun, new ways to enjoy the best of the ocean, or lighter-styled entrées– we’re always thinking of new ways to make your favorite seafood restaurant even better.

If there’s something that keeps you from giving us that “ding!” on the way out, by all means, please let us know about it. Our customer service representatives are here to help – on the phone or on the web, any time you want. Using Twitter or Facebook? So are we – we’re happy to talk to you about your visit wherever, whenever you want.

You’ve got choices when it comes to where you and your family enjoy seafood, and we at Long John Silver’s have renewed our pledge to make every visit, every meal and every bite as satisfying as the last.


  • community


  • affordability


  • responsibility


  • excellence